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Extremadura stuff

Hi everybody (and especially everybody that made it to Spain!),

As I could not come I will try to make myself as useful as possible and
have taken up some things of the todo list. Being a GPE dev I will make
sure that the GPE packages in Debian are up to date and add a few more.
While doing some research on that I noticed the following. (See the
gpe-contacts package.)

Tag: hardware::embedded, interface::x11, role::sw:application,
uitoolkit::gtk, works-with::db, works-with::pim, x11::application

We could use debtags to make specific embedded packages know. I don't
really know much of debtags atm. I´ll need to investigate, but it might
be one thing we can do to identify the stuff we are doing.



PS: See you on IRC!

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