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Re: using apt and aptitude for cross-building

Charles Stevenson a écrit :

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On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 08:36:01AM +1100, Geoff O'Callaghan wrote:
ah ok, sorry, didn't read the initial part :-(   Anyway, yes I suffer
similiar issues and end up wget-ing packages from packages.debian.org

not ideal.

That's also how I retrieve my packages.  I basically ripped the
code out of debootstrap and d-i.  It works ;-)

   Hi all,

I've installed an nfsroot Sarge system for my mvme2300. I installed the cross tool-chain from EmDebian onto my workstation, then the kernel-2.6 source from the Debian repository. Cross compilation worked fine and the kernel was running well (with a few warnings) with my old Potato filesystem. Then I installed debootstrap by brute force onto the Potato filesystem, using wget and dpkg -i --force-depends. Then debootstrap ran properly and I could follow roughly the procedure written in the debootstrap manpage. However the new filesystem was unable to boot properly without an inittab file, which was not installed by debootstrap and which I still don't know in which package to find. I just copied it from Potato to Sarge and it worked.

There was a lot of work to do in the chroot session before beeing able to login after a boot to the new filesystem: essentially install apt and then use it to install all the packets whose name contains "base", plus the "pam" system. Then copy hosts, resolv.conf hostname, passwd, shadow, group, gshadow into /etc. From that point I had a pure Debian filesystem in which I was able to login and I could install much more using the wonderfull package management system.

As you see, building the filesystem was rather painfull (I ommitted some tricks in the story above). And what if I had not already a running Potato system? Thanks to this discussion thread I discovered the possibilities given by apt's config file but it is not clear to me wether it can do it
or not.

Once you have this installed, I don't see the point with docs: docs dont reside in ram; they're on an inexpensive nfs-mounted disk. I understand the point about circular depencencies but there is no problem if your system is "dpkg-consistent". Of course I am speaking as a Debian
customer, not as a developper!

Gabriel, since you listen to this list, have you ported your VME driver to kernel 2.6 or
are you planning to do it ?

   Didier Kryn
   APC Universite Paris VII

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