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Re: using apt and aptitude for cross-building

+++ Nikita V. Youshchenko [05-12-29 11:32 +0300]:
> > Is there really no better way of doing this?
> Raphael has written apt support for dpkg-cross package (for dpkg-cross 1.24,
> if I remember correctly), but that still is not integrated into the main
> package. I first wanted to understand how it works, but then got a new job
> and since then have almost no free time :(.
> If anyone will port that thing to current dpkg-cross, I think the best
> strategy is to upload package with this enabled immidiatly.

Do you have a pointer to where I can find this code/patch?

Also does no-one else know how to make apt-get just download a binary
package? (or aptitude use an apt conf file) Is it not possible without
writing some code?

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