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Re: Working Emdebian build environment

+++ Ed Bartosh [05-11-11 20:17 +0200]:
> Hi,
> You might be interested in looking at 
> the working implementation of STAGE ideas.
> This is set of about 40 emdebianized packages, scratchbox-based
> development environment and a couple of working root filesystems for
> Nokia 770 device. It's far from perfect but it works.

[finally got round to reading this]

That is a very fine peice of work Ed. I think you can claim to have built
the first complete emdebian system - congratulations. (It's difficult to
decide exactly what counts as first: Philippe had the first emdebian rootfs,
which was a three-package excercise that no-one else every repeated so far
as I know, but obviously others, including yourself have built on. Deciding
which 'firsts' these efforts can claim is left as an excise for the reader :-) 

> Attached is short document about that. I'll publish it
> on the emdebian wiki when it's available.

The website is back up. It probably deserves a page there. (check it out
from CVS). If that's too much faff, then we are now using wiki.debian.org
for emdebian pages, so add one there, linked from 
(and PageNames should start with 'Emdebian')

> Questions, comments, ideas, any kind of help are welcome.

I'll try and have a go with this soon. 

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