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Re: Installing the root file system to an x86 target

> I find it easier to test x86 stuff using qemu...  In this case you'd
> qemu -m 64m -kernel your-kernel -append 'root=/dev/hda' yourext2filesystem

Thats a cool little trick.  I''ll have to go look at qemu closer.

I find thought that very few of my boot issues are due to the
filesystem being messed up.    Its always some sort of lilo or grub
problem which this really won't test.

But if you are building a root fs from scratch I can see where this
would be _really_ handy there are loads of small things that cause
kernel panics.

Plugging and unplugging a hd and then rebooting the system gets old quick.

Thanks for the tip.

Richard A. Smith

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