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Re: Toolchain patches for armeb

+++ Nikita V. Youshchenko [05-09-16 00:30 +0400]:
> Hello
> > Nikita, can you take a look at the gcc, glibc and kernel-headers patches
> > and see if they are relevant and can be pushed into the real packages
> > (possibly updated for unstable). Then add armeb to the list of compliers
> > we gernerate.
> The patches are for native compilation on armeb. So those should be 
> probably forwarded to package maintainers.

Right. The problem there is that they are all for stable, and thus will
generally need updating to the unstable version before they will be
accepted. The team will be doing this. 

> As soon as native packages for armeb are available (and debian toolchain 
> supports armeb), existing code will work to build cross tools for armeb 
> target.

RIght - there is a bit of a chicken-and-egg thing here about getting things
into debian and building the new arch so it go into debian. I suppose this
is a subject for the debian-arm list though, not here.

> About building for targets that are not debian native - I think this should 
> be supported, and will try to implement this support soon. I'll write more 
> about how I'm going to do that a bit later.

I think that would be cool. thanx.

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