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Toolchain patches for armeb

I've been talking to the people who have been doing an armeb port of
(standard) debian.

This is useful stuff as various router boxes will be big-endian arm, so
getting their work into Debian is a good thing. I'm helping them out as they
have no DD's in the team (yet).

Here are the patches they have done

It seems to me that including an armeb toolchain in the 'toolchains built
from debian sources' would be a good plan.

Nikita, can you take a look at the gcc, glibc and kernel-headers patches and
see if they are relevant and can be pushed into the real packages (possibly
updated for unstable). Then add armeb to the list of compliers we gernerate.

The project is here:
http://www.debonaras.org/ if you want to read about it.

And the main devs hang out on the debian-arm IRC channel

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