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Re: [Isl3893-devel] OpenEmbedded port for isl3893?

Erich Schubert <erich@debian.org> [050911]:
> Hi,
> Since the build system of the current isl3893 sources really sucks,

Nearly all toolchains and embedded SDK I have seen sucks. I have not
tried OE yet, and emdebian will probably be out during the next year.

Even the openwrt distrib sucks, since it is impossible to recompile from
sources for other platforms.

> (and this is IMHO by far the biggest issue that people have with the
> SDK, that they don't get it to build properly, use the right toolchain,
> the linker scripts...) I'd love to see a port to openEmbedded...

I will have a look this afternoon to see what it looks like.

> But I don't know if I'll be able to spare any time (I havn't worked on
> the isl3893 for half a year now while I was in the US, and I'll have to
> prepare for my exams now...). Also I lack any experience with the low
> level stuff, like getting isl3893 support into a recent kernel (the one
> in the SDK is really old).
> I just don't know *anything* about the low level stuff for ARM.

It seems that some people of Prism54-softmac can read arm assembler.

Maybe I will send them one Netgear AP which I have here for development.

> I did the following diff
> http://isl3893.sourceforge.net/download/patches/diff-uclinux-2.4.19-uc1-to-intersil.diff
> which is between an official 2.4.19 uclinux kernel and the one supplied
> by intersil. But I quickly gave up on getting this into a recent uclinux
> kernel.
> http://cvs.uclinux.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/uClinux-2.4.x/arch/armnommu/
> I have no idea how such a mach-isl3893 dir would look like... that is
> where I gave up... I just noticed that such a dir has been added 16
> months ago now
> according to CVS... and then there was some weird vendor selector in
> uclinux menuconfig that I really did not understand how to modify
> either...
> Anyone tried to build a kernel for the isl3893 from the latest uclinux
> sources?

I think it is really possible to build a new kernel for isl, sinc you
can ignore the most difficult part, which is probably supporting MVC
and/or the softmac thing.

Benjamin Henrion <bh@udev.org>
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