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Re: Hi all

Hello Felipe,

Sorry for the late reply. I got stuck doing lots of things as I am
moving abroad for the moment.

On Mon, 2005-09-05 at 10:49 -0700, Felipe Balbi wrote:
> I'm new in this list. 


> When I get to study electronial engeneering at
> University i'd like to put together the Open Source
> World with my electronic skills; so I made up in my
> mind a HandHeld build 100% with Free Software Tools.

Good idea :-)

> Now, I'm using gEDA, TKGate, PCB, ngSpice, gSchema,
> etc for modeling the Circuit.

That should be usefull skills for embedded development.

> As a Debian User, I'd like to put Debian running with
> my Hardware... so I found this project.
> I'd like to help you guys.

Great! We really need some help. Most of us are completely overloaded
with work and other stuff so it would really rock if we could some extra
helping hands.

Get in touch with us on irc which is the easiest way to get all the
latest news, details and idea's. Take into account that most of us live
in the EU and might have a slightly different time-table. I sometimes
notice people popping in and leaving again during my sleep.


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