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Re: emdebian project status

On 7/21/05, Max Hofer <max.hofer@apus.co.at> wrote:

> * how do we create a simple, minimalistic FS (in a Debian way)?

What I like best is the Stag-like approach, which I also implemented for our
internal embedded distribution. You have a couple of packages that constitute
a base system, and you install them on the host system into rootfs tree using
(possibly patched) dpkg with options like --admindir and --rootdir.
The problem here is to decide on the base set of packages (Wookey should have
an initial list that we compiled on debconf5, which looks quite good
for that matter)
and make them play nicely with each other.
There are some problems involved in this approach that are connected to dpkg
being not really designed for such usage: for example, maintainer scripts are
run chroot'ed into rootdir, running shell and things like debconf
inside -- but rootdir
obviously contains other arch binaries..

> * is emdebian integrated into the main archive?

This is another question. I am myself against integration into Big Debian for
base packages -- that thing would involve lots of organisational stuff which is 
hard to handle if you're not supported by kabal.. However, other
people expressed
lots of interest in "emdebian/ inside Debian source packages" approach
and cooperation
with Big Debian. Such a thing may be used for optional packages, but
I'm not sure
that would do for base.

> * if yes, how is emdebian integrated into the source packages system?

emdebian/ near debian/ in source packages is one possible approach. Another one
is to integrate directly into debian/ of packages that we're
interested at -- like, for example,
debian-installer people did.

> * do we need a special EmDebian Guideline, because a lot of files which
> have to be in a Debian package are completely pointless on an embedded
> system (changelogs, copyright texts etc.)?

Yes, for sure, policy is nearly a must.

> * is now cross compiling handled with the normal dpkg-cross, an
> unofficial  dpkg-cross, stag itself?
> * how do we cross compile in a debian way?

As far as I understand, dpkg-cross is most-widely used cross-compilation way
for Debian packages between people somehow involved into this mailing list :)
However, for example, Nokia people use scratchbox as cross-compilation 
environment for Debian packages that they use.
I would like to integrate both ways -- for example, make dpkg-cross play nicely
with scratchbox's binary_misc solution.

> What is my vision of Emdebian:

Well, that looks more or less like my general view (except that I would propose
to have binary archives also). But the devil, as always, is in the details..

Regards, Wartan.

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