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Re: emdebian project status

> Hello Fathi,
> this is a major problem. There is no HowTo because the project is in an
> early stage ... it under heavy development and I guess people like
> rather to code than to write HowTos ;-)
> For the Wookey article check
> http://www.aleph1.co.uk/talks/emdebsys/
> (I tried to add the link to the FAQ on the Wiki but I get an error
> message saving the changes :-(  )
> But be warned that it may be out of date. EmdebSys it is deprecated anyway.
> Wookey made a presentation on the DebConf5 last week. I have no clue if
> this presentation is already in the Web.
> Wookey could you place your presentation on the Wiki?
> You should take a look at the Stag project which you may find at
> http://stag.mind.be/
> There you find also better documentation.
> ragards Max

the debconf5 talks have a page on the wiki :

i found the video recording of the presentation :

and the slide :

the pdf file seems to be broken ...

>I'm afraid that project is almost dead - at least there is very little
>mailing list activity over past months.

it's not really active because it lacks of documentation. there isn't an easy 
way to try and test emdebian, not really user oriented.



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