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Re:dpkg-cross 1.25.7 + debhelper + gdb-arch-linux 6.3-6.1

Hi Raphael,

> I've put together a package to debug cross-compiled application on
> build machine. What you get is a
> 1) Extended version of dpkg-cross which support converting and
>     installing *-dbg packages for gdb-arch-linux version of GDB.
>     1.25.7 version in CVS development branch.


> 3) A version of GDB which support cross-target debugging. I do
>     not talk about gdbserver here. You will be able to e.g. analyse
>     core- files on build machine which is more powerful then most
>     of the target devices while embedded development. Refer to Debian
>     bug #313340


Good work, I can't wait to try these things out tonight.



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