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jffs2 vs nfs

Hi all,
I've ran into some problems that some of you may be able to answer. I have my file system in flash using the jffs2 filesystem. I ran a simple application that accesses a network camera and spits out some data.

I've notice that when the jffs2 file system is considerably slower than the nfs filesystem. Is that normal? Not to mention that my application is also very much slower. 

What can be done? Is cramfs faster then jffs2?

I'm considering loading the required libraries in RAM so as to speed up things (so I think atleast), will that be any help. I'm saying this although I haven't figured out how this works as yet.

My explaination is that the library access time (dynamically linked) is much slower on jffs2 than nfs but I'm still baffled why?!
Any my solution would be to have a ramfs which would be a copy of the flash filesystem.
Does that make any sense? Help???


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