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Re: [SPAM?]: Re: cross-compiling

On 4/17/05, Erich Waelde <ew.ng116837@online.de> wrote:

> the .deb package yourself. dpkg-cross does NOT cross-compile your application,
> as far as I understand it.

That's true, but only part of the truth. dpkg-cross package contains
not only dpkg-cross script itself,
which converts native binary packages, but also wrappers around
dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-shlibdeps to cross-compile source debian
packages by simply adding "-a<target arch>" to the regular
dpkg-buildpackage call. It will then set up all needed environment
variables, and proceed to the package build.
This procedure works fine in some cases, sometimes sources packages
need to be patched to cross-compile cleanly. If all goes well, you
have a shiny target debian binary package, similar to the one
found in pool for the corresponding architecture.

Regards, Wartan.

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