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Re: [Soekris] [ANN] PicoDebian: a thinned down version of Debian Sarge


> Basically, what I did was:
> - created a minimal root filesystem i.e. an initrd with a "smart"
>   linuxrc script
> - used busybox to get as many of the utilities I needed into a small
>   binary (busybox is in the initrd)
> - created a kernel image with the watchdog patch, both for the net4501
>   and the net4801 (as I have them both)


It would be nice to have a detailed description of that on our wiki...if you
find time

> - created a set of packages I want to use on my Soekris boxes; these
>   packages are based on their Debian versions i.e. they are actually
>   stripped down Debian packages

What did you do there? Adapted debian init scripts? Removed docs?

>   For my net4501 connected to a broadband line, the list looks like
>   this: base config djbdns dmntls ez-ipupd fwbfw icmpinfo initrd
>   iproute iptables latm1 lcap1 ldb3 llzo1 lncurses log lpam0g lpammdls
>   lpamrntm lpcap lreadln lssl097 lwrap0 lz1g make ntpdate ntpsrvr
>   openssl openvpn pkgtools sc520wd ssh ssmtp tcpdump tcshaper udhcpc

Can we already get these packages somewhere? It would be nice to use those as
a Emdebian base if they are suitable enough.

> > I've called my mini-sarge PicoDebian[3], mostly because my net4801 is
> > called Piccolo. I overcame my main obstacle of the read-only filesystem
> > with the help of Pebble[4] (which I didn't want to use because I needed
> > slightly more up-to-date packages). More information is available on my
> > site.

I just took a look at it and it seems very interesting. It would be an useful
resource for people that want to make small debian systems for x86
architectures on CF.

> Because it is actually a toolchain to build a Debian for Soekris, I
> had been thinking about sending a mail to the
> debian-embedded@lists.debian.org list but as the Soekris is actually
> just a stripped down PC, I didn't consider it "embedded" enough.

We consider the soekris as a suitable target. It can be turned into a small
hard-disk less, low-power setup and forget device.

> > 3. http://www.bootc.net/picodebian/
> > 4. http://www.nycwireless.net/pebble/

Thanks for sharing this. It would be nice to see some more details about such
approaches on the wiki. I will start with something if I find time myself, but
feel free to take the initiative.



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