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Re:Hello !! New to the list <STATUS>

Hello Hector,

>    I am an emdebian new user, and i would like to help to the project
> the way i could, i have not much time, but i am interested on embedded 
> systems. Right now, i am working on a FS-Forth UNC20 and

That would be great. We have few developers, and we are all overloaded so we
barely have time to get something useful going. So if you want to help out,
please do!

> uClinux/LxNETES, which is the system that FS-Forth give with their
> boards. I'm much interested on fitting debian on this system, it has 16
> MB SDRAM and 8 MB Flash, with a MMU-less NS7250 (ARM7TDMI) processor.

As you are working without MMU debian (and emdebian) is probabely not for you.
uClinux would suit you better then. As having no MMU limits

>     Anyway, i have check the cvs sources. I was trying to see how
> emdebsys works, but i fail to run the quickstart. I'll keep trying and 
> when i do something (maybe with your help) i'll write it down in the WiKi.

We are working on a new approach. After some discussions recently at Fosdem,
we are going to mix some things. I made some adapted debhelper tools that
allow for a emdebian specific build rules. If there are no emdebian build
rules it should just build with the debian rules, leaving out docs. I am
playing with scratchbox now, and hope to be able to have a buildd running on
it soon. So I I can actually cross-compile with uclibc a lot of packages.

>      Also, i am Spanish, so I could do some translation on web page.
> But, as i sayd, i have not much free time. Another thing i have read, is
> that you need to say what packages have to be included in the distro,
> i'll think about it and try to write down a list in the future.

This would be nice. Please add them to the wiki. We can then also check them
off, and actually show the progress we make.



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