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Diversion of APT tools by dpkg-cross (apt-get,apt-cache,apt-config)


I'm a active member of the dpkg-cross package part of the www.emdebian.org project.

A long outstanding feature request was to support APT for dpkg-cross. The realisation
result in diversion of apt-get, apt-cache and apt-config which is our CVS pending for
a new release to experimental as soon as the APT wrapper is stable.

The Debian Policy Manaual advice me to discuss this diversion here. Please feel free
to comment the consequences of this diversion.

dpkg-cross provide a extension for apt-get, apt-cache and apt-config with the command
line option -a|--arch where your cross-host architecture can be specified. This arch
is by default your architecture your are developing for using a cross-compiler suite.

If no architecture (-a|--arch) is specified the original implemenations apt-get,
apt-cache and apt-config are executed instead so nothink changes for those uses who
do not use this extension.

>From my point of view the extension of the APT tools by diversion do not break today
functionality. It was one gole not to break today functionality!

Raphael Bossek

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