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APT and dpkg-checkbuilddeps support in CVS

From raphael.bossek@gmx.de Mon Jan 31 14:48:19 2005
> after some delay I've check-in the APT and dpkg-checkbuilddeps functionality
> in CVS under the branch-debian_version_1_22. You can also find prebuild
> Debian packages at http://einstein.speech-design.de/~br/dpkg-cross
> After excessive testing (delayed the check-in) I'm happy to announce a working
> APT and dpkg-checkbuilddeps implementation for dpkg-cross. It make fun to use
> it, really ;)
> For all those who are looking for apt-build support. I can clam them down.
> After some little modification I was already able to build packages using it.
> I think I will make some patches awailabe as bug reports agains apt-build to
> make a default functionality.

I don't understand how this relates to EmDebian project, and what I should do?

But I have been following the instructions here:
... and the manual construction of the toolchains fails to compile.

I am now trying Kegel's Crosstool, but it does not seem to apply update patches to the apps, as apt-get does.

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