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Re: TWiki

Also, on the main page, the text of the link on the sidebar
below "Main" should read "http://emdebian.org/wiki/"; rather than TWiki.org

But for this to work, the redirect from twiki/ should work ;)

I am not sure what you are talking about. All the TWiki references in the WebLeftBar have been changed to Emdebian.

Perhaps the TWiki Web should be read-only, at least for the WikiGuest?

I agree: you should have an account to add information.

Could someone please make the appropriate changes?

The admin? :)

Yes, in process.

That was me changing the main page and adding an 'edit' link to the NFSroot
page. I see you could fill in content now.

Yeah, I noticed that one :) links should only be wiki words (or
wiki-ised words :-P )

It is nice to see updates to the site!

Should I create additional webs called, Toolchain and Emdebsys?

-- Allen

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