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Re: BuildRoot like tool

> Hi Nikita,
> On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 09:56 +0300, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
>> > What is the vision for the root file-system build? I assume that
>> > everyone is familiar with uclibc's BuildRoot. Should we make something
>> > like that? Does it fit into the Debian mold?
>> Maybe root fs should be built based on files from /usr/<arch> ierarchy of
>> cross-compile environment created by dpkg-cross ?

Hmm, probably my suggesion was not a good one - it was just a random
thought, caused by problems I had in past with inconsistency between libs
installed on the target and libs (and headers) used on host to
cross-compile. The target was ipaq, and the solution I resulter in was a
script that converted libfoo-arm-cross deb used for corss-compiling into
libfoo ipk package used on the target.
> Could you tell more about this. What is dpkg-cross exactly doing there?
> Does it copy cross-compiled files or libraries in there?

E.g. for arm, /usr/arm-linux/lib contains libraries (from libXXX-arm-cross

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