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Is dpkg-cross a wrapper for dpkg ?

Hi Nikita,

I'm investigating the possiblity to instal packages for cross-compile
environemnt using APT. The first tests are hopeful but until the all
think works I do not intent to promise something.

Now a question about the dpkg-cross application. Should dpkg-cross be
a wrapper for dpkg for foreign packages? The background is the usage
of dpkg by APT. APT --unpack first then --configure the unpacked
packages. --unpack is not supported by dpkg-cross today so I have to
apply the functionality to dpkg-cross if it's a wrapper for dpkg. If
not I have to introdue a additional application. I dislike this idear
and whould see how complicated it is to add the --unpack functionality
to dpkg-cross before start a new wrapper for dpkg. --configure should
not be a problem.

Raphael Bossek

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