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Re: Is this list alive?

Le ven 03/12/2004 à 23:04, Allen Curtis a écrit :
> > As for debain embedded, looks that nobody is currently interested in 
> > this
> > (at least no one interested enough to actualy do something). Or maybe
> > someone is doing something silently.
> >
> I am interested and I have some time. I am also trying to weigh the 
> differences between Emdebian, ucLibc and all the other "embedded" Linux 
> development efforts. The biggest obstacle to working on Emdebian is 
> that I am not a Debian developer so there is a whole culture and 
> development methodology that I would need to learn before making any 
> contributions.
> What are peoples opinions?
Hi there,

I'm listening to this list, thru i never posted something, and i haven't
(yet) started with emdebian, i have (very) basic debian knowledge .

I am listening to this list beacause i and friends have mounted an
(other) open source robotic initiative [1]. 
For now we have:
- mecanical stuff, 
- mother board (i586/PC104), 
- motor control board 
- hand-made and simple embedded linux distro (grub+linux+busybox)
- other pre-alpha/first-try pieces of driver/software

Since for this project we are laking of human ressource and time, we (i)
decide to stop our custom embedded GNU/Linux simple-distro, and to rely
on more popular embeded distro-scripts/maker, i've took a look on
HardHat-Linux 2.0 (the last public release from Montavista as i know,
which seems good but rpm-based), ptxdist from pengutronix and some
When i discover the emdebian project, i thought that i was having found
the response for my problem...

I got a sparc-debian-firewall, and i plan to change soon from Mandrake
to Debian on my personal computer.
I could contribute to emdebian, i got basic to good knowledge in
embedded GNU/Linux, cross-compile, gnu autotools, make and so on.
Today, I'm working for a mobile telephony company that is taking a try
to GNU/Linux (and i work for them beacause i hope they will be pleased
by the GNU/Linux power, before they was using symbian), Montavista is
working with them for kernel part (CPU is an ARM11). Precisely i'm
working on test environment, we're using the Linux Test Project [2].

For my hobbies, what am i sure is that we need a robust, easy to manage
embedded GNU/Linux distro for our bot, naturally i got a think to

I can contribute to and test emdebian on ARM and x86 (with hosts:
pc-redhat, pc-cygwin, sparc64-debian and pc-debian soon).

With best regards,

[1] http://home.gna.org/wisirc Sorry, it's in french, english should
comming soon :(
[2] http://ltp.sf.net

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