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Re: cross-gcc status

Thanks very much for your help, Nikita!

On Oct 14, 2004, at 9:45 PM, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

The mentioned 'signal.h' should be in /usr/powerpc-linux/include/, provided
by libc6-dev-powerpc-cross package.

Is the file there?

Have you downloaded libc6-dev-powerpc-cross package, or built it yourself
with dpkg-cross -b? Maybe you've built it with non-default path
configuration? (I guess dpkg-cross should name created package differently
if non-default paths are used...)

Ah ha - I built libc6-dev-powerpc-cross myself, using dpkg-cross 1.9, but it put everything in /usr/local/powerpc-linux, even though /etc/dpkg/cross-compile contains:

crossbase = /usr

dpkg-cross used to put everything in /usr/powerpc-linux - however I've since created a private configuration file!

I expected dpkg-cross to read both configuration files, overriding options in /etc/dpkg/cross-compile with options in my private configuration. This is not the case, & it wasn't clear that it is not until I groked the source.

Although rough, this patch corrects my problem. /etc/dpkg/cross-compile is respected, while custom configuration options are read from my private configuration file. I rebuilt libc6-dev-powerpc-cross & building gcc no longer complains about signal.h.

Thank you, Nikita!

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If file is really in /usr/powerpc-linux/include/signal.h, but you are
getting the above error, it's strange. In this case, please go
to /home/me/gcc-3.3-3.3.5/build/gcc, and run there the failing command,
adding '-v' switch, and show me the result.

Thank you for your feedback.


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