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Emdebian ready for 2.6 development?

I have been anxiously following this development in hopes of using it on our project. I am working on am ARM9, handheld device, based on the TI OMAP 5910. We are using virtually every feature of this chip so we have decided to use the 2.6 kernel to get active development support. Building a cross development toolchain was a relatively minor problem. We can compile and run u-boot, 2.4 Linux and 2.6 Linux. Our main problem now is getting a functional file-system. This should be easy with Busybox but we are having various problems and it is difficult to determine which component is to blame.

So, Emdebian to the rescue? The website still has old tools which will not work for 2.6 development. Perhaps someone could provide pointers on how to get started....


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