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Re: Emdebian ready for 2.6 development?

hello !

I made a embedded board with the cirrus ep7312 (arm720t)  and I have running linux kernel 2.6.7.
My base was the toolchain from uclibc project and  it works fine with 2.6 and it is easy to use. 


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Von: Allen Curtis <acurtis@onz.com>
Datum: Donnerstag, 9. September  2004, 15:25
Betreff: Emdebian ready for 2.6 development?

> I have been anxiously following this development in hopes of using 
> it 
> on our project. I am working on am ARM9, handheld device, based on 
> the 
> TI OMAP 5910. We are using virtually every feature of this chip so 
> we 
> have decided to use the 2.6 kernel to get active development 
> support. 
> Building a cross development toolchain was a relatively minor 
> problem. 
> We can compile and run u-boot, 2.4 Linux and 2.6 Linux. Our main 
> problem now is getting a functional file-system. This should be 
> easy 
> with Busybox but we are having various problems and it is 
> difficult to 
> determine which component is to blame.
> So, Emdebian to the rescue? The website still has old tools which 
> will 
> not work for 2.6 development. Perhaps someone could provide 
> pointers on 
> how to get started....
> TIA!
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