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Re: Building modules.dep for Foreign Architecture?

On Sep 7, 2004, at 10:18 AM, David Meggy wrote:

On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 09:56, ms419@freezone.co.uk wrote:
Anyone here have experience building modules.dep for a foreign

Try building modutils as a cross tool

./configure --build=i386-linux --host=i386-linux --target=powerpc-linux
--prefix=.... etc.

then use the depmod built from this

Thanks very much, David, for your suggestion! Unfortunately, I encounter the same segfault:

I commented "BUILD_UDEB := 1" out of debian/rules & ran:

debian/rules unpack
make -f debian/sys-build.mk source.command SOURCE_CMD="mkdir obj && cd obj && ../configure --target=powerpc-linux --prefix=/"
touch debian/stampdir/configure
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip fakeroot debian/rules binary

Though I installed the resulting module-init-tools_3.1-pre5-6_i386.deb, I encounter segfaults exactly as before:


Thanks, again, for your suggestion; I'm not sure what is the problem?



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