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XHTML parser and Generator in C in Opensource

Has anyone come across / used a XHTML Parser generator
tool in Opensource community developed in C ?
Do Kindly post the link / tool name .

I saw Amaya but it is big and will consume time
to get just the XHTML Parser / Generator from it.

1) GENX is XML Parser and No XHTML Parser / Generator
developed using GENX by GENX till now.

2) EXPAT doesnt provide a opensource XHTML Parser /
Generator till today.

3) X-Smiles is simple and good but Java Based .

4) LibXml is also a library and no XHTML parser /
Generator Tool by them in opensource till today.

Has Someone got a simple setup with just
the XHTML Parser and Generator alone developed in C 
available in OpenSource 
A tool Develped Using the above library tools ?

Kindly let me know And Do Give me your link.

Thanks & Regards,
karthik bala guru

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