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Re: dpkg-cross: dh_strip fix & more

Hi Nikita,

> I really liked your cleanup of dpkg-cross.pl - excellent work!
> Anf dh_strip really works at last.
I'm happy to hear that ;)

> David, isn't it a good moment to upload 1.16 ?
Yes it would be a good moment to fix the buggy 1.15 version...

> - - shouldn't we use a less hacky way to determine if program is
> called from cross-build?
Two things should be exported:
1) The version of dpkg-cross (DPKGCROSS_VERSION)
2) Options used for dpkg-buildpackage (DPKGCROSS_BUILDPKG)
Both give us the most flexebility. Btw, do not forget to rename the
DPKGCROSSVERSION variable to the new one (no double definitions, please
keep dpkg-cross.pl clean ;)

> - - what for dpkg-buildpackage adds /usr/local/bin to path?


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