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Re: dpkg-cross: dh_strip fix & more

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> Hi Nikita,
> here are the results of my latest work on dpkg-cross.

I really liked your cleanup of dpkg-cross.pl - excellent work!
Anf dh_strip really works at last.

I had to fix setup_cross_env() routine a bit, because your code made 
$crossprefix-cpp required (by setting CPP to it), while it is not included 
in current cross-gcc 3.3 and 3.4 debs (gcc uses internal cpp by default 
since 3.3).

So I modified it to use $crossprefix-gcc -E if $crossprefix-cpp is not 

Everything is committed now.
David, isn't it a good moment to upload 1.16 ?

> As next, I intent to spend more time on describing the used environement
> variables. A first draft of the description can be found as second
> attachment. I'm not sure about the structure and the content but I will
> do it for the dpkg-buildpackage man page which I'm missing. I think we
> should describe dpkg-cross changes on dpkg-buildpackage too!

README.debian also should be rewritten - it should recommend to build and 
use cross-binutils and cross-gcc debs (instead of building toolchain from 
non-debian source). Or to download debs from emdebian server - if/when 
those are ready.

By the way, I found why cross-gcc debs failed to build for hppa target; 
I'll send a patch to debian-gcc shortly.

I have two technical questions on dpkg-cross:

- - shouldn't we use a less hacky way to determine if program is called from 
cross-build? E.g. dpkg-buildpackage may set 
$ENV{'DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_CROSS'}, and dpkgcross_application() may check 
this var. This will make it easier to force usage of dpkg-cross scripts 
outside of dpkg-buildpackage (e.g. I need dpkg-shlibdeps for target in 
cross-gcc builds)

- - what for dpkg-buildpackage adds /usr/local/bin to path? I thing this 
should be removed - user who chooses to install tools to /usr/local/bin 
instead of "proper" (deb) way should care about his $PATH himself.

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