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Re: speed up the compilation with distcc

Hello Michelle (and others), 
Quoting Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>: 
> >Nobody has the ressources to build a cluster? 
> Because I have no big Devel-Station anymore, I am using distcc  
> since last year...  
> It works quiet well on 20 HP Vectra XA5/200mmx (clients, each  
> 192 MByte of memory) and one PII/333 as my Devel-Station (server) 
Well that is a quite impressive setup, which must take quite a lot of space... 
But I wonder if distcc needs much bandwith. I expect it does from what I read 
recently and I don't think it will be usable to do a distcc over the net no? 
As you are having such a setup working can you tell some more about the 
bandwith use and if you have ever done some cross-development with distcc (if 
it is possible)? 
Of course it is not really emdebian related, but it is also very interesting 
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