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Re: Thanks for this Fosdem embedded week-end

On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 05:54:32PM +0000, Wookey wrote:
> +++ Peter Vandenabeele [04-02-26 15:48 +0100]:
> > On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 12:29:18PM +0100, Henrion Benjamin wrote:

Yes, two months ago...

> > > Hi all,
> > 
> > [...]
> > > 3. searching for funding to make a cigar board for making cheap (under
> > > 100eur) xterminals (I'm looking for a SoC with sound, eth, usb, vga; if
> > > you know something nice); if you have 10.000eur to invest in this
> > > project, contact me
> > 
> > I think it would be nice to have a General Purpose board with some good 
> > CPU (IXP425 or one of the many new ARM92x based SoC's like Toshiba,
> > NetSilicon, Cirrus Logic, Triscend/ARM, ...) that have all the peripherals 
> > that you mention above and this to be available at a cost that is close 
> > to the BOM (Bill Of Materials). When looking at the BOM (and the cost 
> > for a 4 layer board) we may be not too far off for the 100 EURO target 
> > you raise (I would guess 200 EURO for now, but this will continue to
> > drop).
> > 
> > I am also aware of local funded R&D projects at Flemish High Schools (TETRA)
> > that will be investigating this. So that may help on your funding question as 
> > well.
> > 
> > What would you need the funding for ?
> > 
> > One discussion that could be started here or on a different list is to understand
> > which combinations of SoC, external components and board type (4 layer, 6 layer)
> > would be required and what would be the production cost of such a basic General
> > Purpose board with ARM9/XScale CPU. Many people on this list have a detailed 
> > idea about which components could be used and what the cost would be.
> http://balloonboard.org/ aspires to this sort of purpose, but because it is
> small, relatively well-equipped, 8-layer and built to tight tolerances it is
> more like 600E than 200E (in ones). It's probably about to get a re-lay to
> make it cheaper to build (mostly by improving the yiled) but it's quite hard
> to make cheap arm boards that have lots of interesting stuff on them,
> especially in small quantities :-) We were aiming for 200E sorts of prices
> originally when we saw the BOM, but it is hard to build small-run boards
> like this at anything like the BOM costs. Manufacturing, especially in
> Europe, is expensive, and you always find yourself putting in a few extra
> useful items, which all cost money.
> We (balloon people) certainly are very interested in what the minimal set of
> things is that people want on a board. The idea of balloon is that it has a
> few things many people want (CPU, RAM, FLASH, external bus, USB, Audio, CF
> (for expansion - ethernet, HD, wireless) and lots of power options) and you
> could build it with only some of those to keep costs down, then you add
> anything else via the bus. 
> Perhaps this is not the best approach, but it would be educational to hear
> why not from people. Unless anyone can think of a better place, I'd suggest
> that the balloon list is as good a place as any to discuss the things that
> experimenters and developers want on a board, and how much they are prepared
> to pay for those things. The LART list is another suitable place, although
> that focuses on home-buildable arm hardware slightly more.
> Wookey

I feel not comfortable at the ML of a board to ask for an other board.

I'm looking for an "interresing board" that comes with a case and a PSU.
Probably I looking for a printserver, a broadband router or
an wifi base station that has the documentation how to hack it.

Any links to such boards with case and power supply unit?

Geert Stappers

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