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Re: why not kernel images and other tools?

In message <[🔎] eca827a44c.peter@chocky.org> you wrote:
> > ==> U-Boot
> That's not an overly helpful answer.  As Wookey as pointed out, there
> are many bootloaders, and u-boot certainly doesn't work on more than a
> large subset of ARM and other embedded platforms.  u-boot doesn't know

There are not many boot loaders that support such  a  wide  range  of
different architectures (PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, ColdFire, NIOS, ...). At
the  moment  U-Boot  comes  with default configurations for about 200
different board, including 29 ARM boards (not counting  boards  which
come in different configurations).

> how to access disks (last time I looked) for example, which is where
> some systems keep their kernels.

U-Boot supports IDE/ATA disks,  CompactFlash  cards,  Memory  Sticks,
PCMCIA cards, USB Memory Sticks, etc. - you name it.

> Furthermore, AFAICT, u-boot isn't packaged for Debian, so I'm not sure
> of what you're trying to claim here.

Here you are correct. U-Boot is not packaged for Debian.

You wrote: "There might be a call for a monolithic ARM boolloader". I
just wanted to point out that U-Boot has been successfully in use for
exactly this purpose for a long, long time.

Wolfgang Denk

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