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Re: linux and ML300 FPGA

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Peter Vandenabeele wrote:

| * other people on this list are working on a clean 2.6.x
|   implementation

I have decided to get on with this again, having been a bit tied up with
sorting out stuff for the magazine, work and academia! :-).

Would very much like to talk to people at the Expo who are going - also
need to work out what I am bringing with me (I can bring an ESD
Electronics PPC405 brick which will NFS boot something if anyone wants
to bring an NFS mountable Emdebian for us? Or can do full Debian etc.).
Various other bits and pieces need sorting out but I suppose I am now
very much contaminating threads with various different conversations.
Heck I don't care! muwhahhaha!

For the last week or so I have been looking at a bug in xilinx_sysace
driver which happens when you run e.g. a non-ML300 board below the
300Mhz standard clock speed with a slower bus and then a nice little
race occurs which is proving ellusive (xilinx_sysace yuck spit yuck!).

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