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Re: Low Cost Development Boards [WAS: Re: Thanks for this Fosdem embedded week-end]

Henrion Benjamin wrote:

This access point (Cisco Aironet 350) could be a good board to hack:

One of the hardware guys at work is planning to build a home hacking board that we can use for our own projects so for me this is Microblaze and LEON type stuff. For cost reduction purposes I am interested to ask a few selected people whether they would be interested in a board.

Will mail more perhaps when I have a specific list of features.


Will take a look.

Don't know where is the BDM connector...

I will need to figure out whether there is anything on the Gamecube board having just bought one to help fix some of their port.

At the moment I need to get it up and running and then will need to build an IDE interface using a CPLD off their weird 8 bit bus.



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