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Re: Smarter dpkg/apt rather than new distro ?

+++ Erik Andersen [04-02-28 15:21 -0700]:
> On Sat Feb 28, 2004 at 01:38:48PM +0000, Justin Cormack wrote:
> Speaking of which....  Does anyone here have any experience with
> setting up an autobuilder and making it work?  I'm sorry to say
> that my efforts at making wanna-build and friends actually work
> have been entirely fruitless thus far.  :-(

That's about my experience too. I've had a quick prod and got as far as
realising that it's not trivial. On the other hand I understand that things
are better packaged and documented than they were a few years back when I
last looked.

Getting something like rbuilder working is relatively straighforward but
that's not the same as all the wanna-build stuff.

I was assuming that emdebian acquiring some autobuilder expertise is
pretty-much anavoidable. At some point we can fold back into Debian, but
until then we are going to have some infrastructure of our own to experiment
on. I waiting for a suitable box and some time to play with it to have a go
at this, but I've got diverted into making debian-installer work for arm
before it's too late... 

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