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On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 05:17, Jon Masters wrote:
> Let's try to keep this non-personal as clearly we all do know how to use 
> Google and I did couple of searches before setting up the list but 
> perhaps it turns out that your point is entirely justified and I have 
> re-invented the wheel again. In which case no harm done, no need for any 
> protracted arguments and we can just agree to use another list for this 
> kind of general discussion.


I'm not coming to anyone's defense here but I want to get an idea of
you mean by general discussion. It seems to me that once you get over
the embedded Linux learning curve (getting the tools, compiling the
kernel, building a root filesystem, booting a board and running
helloworld), then developers have issues in two areas, Linux or platform
specifics. Both of which have avenues for support, this is where the
google statement comes from. It gets more specialized from there. This
debian-embedded list, for example, deals with tools and building root
filesystems. Kind of a specialized off shoot since you can find tools
and filesystems all over the place.  Contributors here want a way that
takes advantage of debian's package mass.

The conversations on this list, as well as others, are very specific.
Just a little word of warning to you, asking open-ended questions in a
specific list may result in a snippy answer, like "read the archives, we
covered that already, learn to search" etc. 

So what is general discussion? If you define that, then maybe I'll join
the list.


Dr. Craig Hollabaugh, craig@hollabaugh.com
Author of Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software and Interfacing

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