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Re: Embedded Debian meet at FOSDEM 2004

I am fairly sure I can make it.


On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 17:49, Wookey wrote:
> It seems that there will be a number of people interested in embedded Debian
> at FOSDEM this year (21/22 Feb). There will certainly be informal discussion
> of how best to move the project forward on sat and sun eveneings, and I hope
> there is time for a discussion session in the embedded room at some point
> during the weekend.
> As ever it'll be useful to have to some group discussion of what people want
> to acheive, and the best way to arrange the details.
> Anyone with an interest is encouraged to join in, and of course the
> conference generally and the embedded track in particular is full of good
> things apart from us.
> So far I'm aware of me, Philippe de Swart, Phil Blundell, Benjamin Henrion, and Nick
> Bane who have an interest.
> See some of you there.
> Wookey
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