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Embedded Debian meet at FOSDEM 2004

It seems that there will be a number of people interested in embedded Debian
at FOSDEM this year (21/22 Feb). There will certainly be informal discussion
of how best to move the project forward on sat and sun eveneings, and I hope
there is time for a discussion session in the embedded room at some point
during the weekend.

As ever it'll be useful to have to some group discussion of what people want
to acheive, and the best way to arrange the details.

Anyone with an interest is encouraged to join in, and of course the
conference generally and the embedded track in particular is full of good
things apart from us.

So far I'm aware of me, Philippe de Swart, Phil Blundell, Benjamin Henrion, and Nick
Bane who have an interest.

See some of you there.

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