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Re: Embedded Debian, the 5 lb bag.

Erik Andersen wrote:
Stage 1: ptxdist or something similar to put together enough tools to support building stage 2

Stage 2: "core" set of Debian packages is built and installed, definitely less than 100 components, some packages might be built with a reduced feature set to limit dependencies

Stage 3: build the remainder of the "buildable from scratch" packages (500 - 1000) and rebuild the modified packages from stage 2.

This is almost exactly how I put together my uwoody stuff with
uClibc.  For stage 1 I used buildroot.  For stage 2 I hacked up a
_ton_ of packages to break circular dependancies until I had
built a sufficient core of stuff that the system became usable.
I built everything by hand so stage 2 was very labor intensive.
By stage 3 I was able to rebuild almost everything (including the
packages I had formerly hacked) using stock debian source.

Fully agreed.  The single most difficult task I had during stage
2 was trying to satisfy the dependancies of and build roughly 100
different documentation utility packages.  This proved to be a
surprisingly large amount of work.

I bet.  (I suspect you mentioned this before, but where can we
get a look at your stage 1 hacks?  I just now peeked at
but didn't see doc or build scripts describing the hacks
you had to do.)
- Dan

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