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Re: uClibc (was: Emdebian at Linuxworld Exp..)

On Thu Oct 30, 2003 at 11:45:56AM -0700, Liberty Young wrote:
> Wookey replied to my privately by accident. Here is his reply:
> > > There would need to be a separate hard-float distro for that.
> > > Each and every binary and library compiled for soft-float would
> > > be totally incompatible with hard-float.
> > 
> > Would this mean that uClibc would NOT work for processors such as the
> > AMD ElanSC520 (i486 with FPU) ? 
> No - the soft-float default woule only apply to arm, where real hardware
> is almost non-existent in real CPUs (there are 2 (out of at least 25),
> and
> one is obsolete). For other arches we have whatever build options are
> most
> sensible for them. 

However (unlike glibc) you _could_ build a full soft-float
uClibc/x86 toolchain so you could run your 386sx-16 without
the kernel fpu emulator if you are into the retro thing. :-)
Though on x86 you would have to live with mere 64 bit long
doubles in that configuration.


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