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Re: Embedded Debian and udebs

David Meggy wrote:
ok, so as I understand as far as dpkg is concerned, udebs and debs
are exactly the same.  However udebs and debs are designed for
different purposes.

Where are the udebs available? Are they build from stable or
unstable/testing?  Will security patches be available for them? Is it
possible to create a udeb from the deb sources?

Sorry, that's a lot of questions, but a cut down debs with security
updates are tailer made for embedded community who do not care for man
pages and other bulk. I guess lots of people including me are interested
what is said below

What I would like to do is create a list of packages to be installed,
then have an image created that would contain a filesystem with
selected packages on it, so that it can be easily copied onto flash
or whatever other medium is being used.


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