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Re: Dropping support for 386 and possibly 486 and 586

David Goodenough wrote:

There is currently a long thread on the develop list about the possibility of
dropping support from the i386 architecture for at best just 386 processors

The discussion seems to be completely ignoring embedded processors,
many of which are 486 and 586 rather than the more modern chips found
in desktop and laptop machines.

As a reference point, the (semi-)embedded work I'm doing is done on a Pentium-MMX chip, and the newer boards are AMD K6-2s. I'm using Debian beacuse I want the tools; I'm using X because the board used to run Windows NT. The bigger issue I have is the amount of storage required by the base system, which is even worse when base X is loaded.

Personally, from an embedded standing, I'm more concerned about these storage issues. I think that other embedded installs either would primarily be newer or non-x86 CPUs, or be otherwise restricted such that recompiling packages is par for the course anyway ...

Of course, I'm new to this, so ... :)


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