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Re: embedded debian package management

Bruno Randolf wrote:
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while toolchains is a very important topic, i would like to discuss about how debian's package management could/can support different "scales" of packages. if i'm completely wrong on this list or this has already been solved or nobody cares, please tell me so and possibly where to find more information.

the approach to take an existing debian package and remove unneeded files (as done by the familiar distibution) works quite well and saves one from the hassle of recompiling every package, but as it seems this has been done manually every time for each platform (please tell me this is not true ;)).

i am currently writing a little script that can do this automatically and which could serve as a common base for the information of which files can be removed from which packages. i can post it later if somebody is interrested.

Following this approach there is "localepurge". It has a different function (remove unneeded locales) but its behaviour is quite similar to what you are suggesting.

Perhaps you cold give a glance to it.

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.

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