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Re: New In town

On Tue Mar 04, 2003 at 05:26:45AM -0700, Erik wrote:
> It actually is _very_ possible to use the same toolchain for both
> uClinux and for normal Linux systems.  The default file format
> for uClinux is a FLAT file (as opposed to the ELF format used for
> standard Linux systems).  When you build the toolchains that are
> linked to above, the default file format is ELF.  You have to add

And just to clarify further...  It would have been more clear if
I has said "When you enable elf2flt support and build the
toolchains that are inked to above".  If you don't enable elf2flt
support then you just get an ordinary toolchain, except it
happens to use uClibc as the default C library.


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