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New In town

Brian White wrote: 

> I just joined this list in preparation for a new embedded project my company
> is going to be working on.  Is there an archive somewhere?  Debian's main
> list server doesn't seem to have one.

Your message is the first one on the list, so no. It's brand new. You can
see some previous similar discussions at the embedded-debian mailing list:

> Since we're going to be using the ColdFire, I'm looking towards uClinux
> and was wondering what native Debian support was out there.

Erik Andersen is the debian man who knows all about uclinux - I don't know
if he's signed up here yet. He has a fine set of build makefiles for
uclinux-friendly toolchains:

None of this stuff is in debian yet but I'm working on binutils-arm and
gcc-arm packages based on toolchain-source. I'm not yet sure if a single
tollchain can be made to be good for both uclinux and 'normal' use so we
might need a separate optimised toolchain for that. I'll post more on this

A very useful doc for doing cross-development on debian is this one:

As for native debian support for coldfire/uclinux I'm not aware of any -
all the debian 68k support is for MMU-ful devices. Emdebian and now this
list are intended to work out good ways of supporting this sort of
variation for developers. At the moment I assume anyone who needs this
stuff builds everything they need from scratch against uclibc with
approriate options/toolchain? Is there an easier way?

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