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Re: Bug#993370: RFP: rg-el -- elpa-rg

Antoine Beaupré <anarcat@debian.org> writes:

> On 2021-10-20 18:58:03, Nicholas D. Steeves wrote:
> Thanks for the update! That's interesting! I've been meaning to look at
> other completion frameworks, I keep getting confused because I can't
> even remember which one I'm using.

I think it might have been the built-in ido mode, if you're using one at
all--IIRC you weren't using one last we discussed our Emacs configs and preferences.

> For the record, I'm probably going to switch away from elpy towards the
> more standard lsp-mode, which covers more languages and actually works
> with Python (and other tools like mypy/pyright).

That's totally reasonable, and in fact in upstream Elpy issue tracker
there was a discussion about whether the future of Elpy would be an
extension to lsp-mode.

> I'm sorry you had to work so hard on this package only to see it miss
> bullseye and end up in that state. But I guess that's the life of
> software: a few of my own personal projects didn't make it to bullseye
> due to bitrot and I was also sad about that...

It's ok, I learned a lot on the way, and never would have discovered
find-file-in-project and Ivy/Counsel/Swiper.  I hear you!  So much work
is keeping up with all the breaking changes...  Elpy had a bit of a
crisis when Jorgen Schaefer retired, Gaby Launay carried the banner, but
then RSI got him :-(  If you want to send a message of
support/solidarity, his email's in the control file.

> I am not sure we should continue with rg-el. Maybe deadgrep or
> counsel-rg are better paths forward?

Quite possibly yes.  That said, I *really* don't like the feeling of
being beaten, so I took a crack at it today, and I think the cause of
the total dysfunction of rg-el might actually be a bug in our ripgrep.
I'll send a follow up email momentarily that CCs the maintainers.

> Thanks again!

You're very welcome :-)

> a.
> -- 
> La démocratie réelle se définit d'abord et avant tout par la
> participation massive des citoyens à la gestion des affaires de la cité.
> Elle est directe et participative. Elle trouve son expression la plus
> authentique dans l'assemblée populaire et le dialogue permanent sur
> l'organisation de la vie en commun.  - De la servitude moderne

Je suis d'accord, la démocratie directe est l'idéal, mais pendant mes
cours de science politique j'ai appris comment il y a un scaling problem
insurmontable quand le cadre dépasse une certaine population :-/


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