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Re: Bug#993370: RFP: rg-el -- elpa-rg

On 2021-10-20 18:58:03, Nicholas D. Steeves wrote:


> As an aside, personally I'm happy with counsel-ag, and cousel-rg works
> great; I packaged bin:elpa-counsel as part of src:emacs-ivy, which used
> to be a hard dependency of elpa-find-file-in-project, which used to be a
> dependency of src:elpy, my first big project (and your RFP).
> Unfortunately upstream wasn't able to keep pace with Python breaking
> changes, Python 3.9 broke Elpy's ERT tests badly.
> For a user who doesn't know which to choose, at this point it seems like
> this:
>   Choose rg.el for the traditional Emacs interface or Magit-like interface
>   Choose Ivy/Counsel for a completion framework that is non-jarring for
>   long-time Emacs users, and that is fast (in both cases, in when
>   compared to Helm).  In other words, it seems to be a case of UI
>   preference and inclination due to established habits.
> At the moment I'm currently stumped about why "M-x rg" doesn't find
> hits/matches that /usr/bin/rg does, even thought the ERT tests indicate
> that this codepath is functional and correct.  My hypothesis is that
> someone made a perfectly reasonable assumption that may have now been
> revealed to be a technical deficiency.


Thanks for the update! That's interesting! I've been meaning to look at
other completion frameworks, I keep getting confused because I can't
even remember which one I'm using.

For the record, I'm probably going to switch away from elpy towards the
more standard lsp-mode, which covers more languages and actually works
with Python (and other tools like mypy/pyright). I'm sorry you had to
work so hard on this package only to see it miss bullseye and end up in
that state. But I guess that's the life of software: a few of my own
personal projects didn't make it to bullseye due to bitrot and I was
also sad about that...

I am not sure we should continue with rg-el. Maybe deadgrep or
counsel-rg are better paths forward?

Thanks again!


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