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Bug#996719: "Provides: elpa-dash-functional" needs to be versioned to satify elpa-helpful

Hello Paul,

On Sun 17 Oct 2021 at 08:42PM +02, Paul Gevers wrote:

> With the upload of 2.19.0+dfsg-1 elpa-dash took over
> elpa-dash-functional via a Provides. However, elpa-helpful has a
> versioned dependency on elpa-dash-functional. Policy 7.5 says this:
> """
> If the Provides field does not specify a version number, it will
> not satisfy versioned dependencies or violate versioned Conflicts or
> Breaks.
> """
> Please add a version to the Provides, otherwise elpa-dash can't take
> over elpa-dash-functional in testing [1].

Thank you for the filing.  On IRC, Nicholas pointed out that it is not
clear elpa-dash should be providing elpa-dash-functional at all without
providing the empty upstream transitional dash-functional.el, which it
is not at present.

So instead I'm going to patch and team-upload all remaining packages
depending on elpa-dash-functional to not do so, and then drop the

Sean Whitton

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