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Bug#988583: elpa-debian-el: Cannot report any bugs at all. It is broken.

Hi Nicholas,

On 5/17/21 7:11 AM, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
Hi Salman,

Salman Mohammadi <salman@smoha.org> writes:

I could reproduce this bug under this environment:

    1. clean install debian stable in a vm

    2. upgrade debian to sid

    3. install emacs and debian-el: $ sudo apt -y install emacs

Now, M-x debian-bug command does not work correctly.

I think there's something missing from your steps to reproduce.

I tried this:
1. With a clean chroot, 'sudo apt install emacs-nox elpa-debian-el'
    * Given that Emacs was not installed in the stable VM until
      post-upgrade, I don't think my digression is a relevant variable.
2. Start Emacs
3. M-x debian-bug
4. Everything appears to work fine.  After composing the full text of
    the bug, I hit C-c C-c, and then see the *Emacs Mail Setup Help*
    window appear, along with a minibuffer prompt.  From the original bug
    report email it sounds like this is farther along then you were able
    to get?

a. My hostname is a real FQDN (however no longer functional due to
expired dyndns subscription--post-Oracle acquisition is a rip-off).
It's possible that this bug only exists on hosts that don't have a FQDN
b. Reportbug has not been configured.


what makes me wonder is that the same procedure works on Debian 10 but not on Debian Sid. To clarify the encountered bug, I once recorded my screen on a clean installed Debain 10 (which works fine).


and also on a clean installed Debian Sid (which doesn't work).


Regards, Salman

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