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Bug#988583: elpa-debian-el: Cannot report any bugs at all. It is broken.

Salman Mohammadi <salman@smoha.org> writes:

> I have no .reportbugrc bit instead use the following configuration in my 
> .emacs:
>    (setq user-mail-address "salman@smoha.org"
>          user-full-name "Salman Mohammadi")
>    (setq send-mail-function 'mailclient-send-it)

I tried setting send-mail-function to mailclient-send-it (which by the
way tends to mangle attachements, but I guess that's not the issue here)
I still can't duplicate your issue.

You can try duplicating the problem with "emacs -q". You will
need to run M-x load-library <return> debian-el-autoloads <return>.

If that works, then your issue is most likely an interaction with some
other emacs addon package. You can try removing them one by one, or
loading them manually into emacs -q.

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